The law office offers you comprehensive legal support in matters of debt collection in court.
The defendant in a recovery case can be either another citizen (individual) or an organization (legal entity).
The competence of experienced lawyers is to solve any problems related to collections and debts using various methods that are relevant today.

As part of representing the interests and protecting the rights of clients, we:

  • we accompany the claim collection of debts before going to court;
  • we achieve the return of the debt through oral negotiations;
  • we collect debts by going to court
    we offer the service of judicial representation;
  • we provide assistance in the collection of debts after the decision of the court
    we contribute to the enforcement of the court decision as soon as possible.

Additionally, clients are offered the service of legal assistance in recognizing the insolvency (bankruptcy) of the debtor.
Lawyers of the bureau undertake interaction with state bodies and banking institutions at any stage of the case. We also cooperate with bailiffs.

Please note: a prerequisite for considering a debt case in court or out of court is evidence of the existence of this debt. In this case, lawyers will also assist in the collection and preparation for the use of the evidence base.