In the event of a traffic accident, the insurance companies involved in the accident enter into the process of settling all the troubles that have arisen. Often, when awarding damages, disputes arise between the insurance company and the owner of the vehicle, in such cases, insurance disputes over accidents should be settled with an experienced lawyer.

Disputes between the car owner and the company may arise when an insured event occurs due to disagreement with the amount of payments.

Our accident insurance lawyer will provide the following services:

  • support of mandatory payments and reimbursements under CASCO, OSAGO, voluntary life and health insurance and others;
  • analysis and consideration of the legitimacy and legality of contracts;
  • giving oral and written consultations;
  • conducting court and pre-trial proceedings;
  • collection or reimbursement of payments and more.

Qualified lawyers of the  BAA Legal Service are ready to resolve insurance disputes in case of an accident of any complexity. The practical and theoretical experience of the specialists of our board allows us to consult and conduct litigation in any instances.