Inheritance disputes represent a separate activity of qualified lawyers in the city of Chisinau and in the Republic of Moldova. Lawyers dealing with inheritance issues specialize in supporting cases related to the category of legal relations between citizens.

Inheritance – Consultations and representation of interests in the inheritance procedure.
Today, taking into account the constant changes and updates of the current legislation of Moldova, it is almost impossible to resolve the issues of the received inheritance on your own, without resorting to the services of a qualified lawyer. Even if there is an official document in the form of a will, disputes between potential heirs may arise. Especially when it comes to situations in which it is mandatory for certain categories of applicants to receive their share of the inheritance. What to say about cases when the inheritance was not determined by the testator during his lifetime, and potential heirs cannot reach an understanding?

In any of the situations listed above, a qualified inheritance lawyer will help determine the list of issues that are fundamentally important for the division of the inheritance. The lawyer will also advise on:

  • determination of the amount of property by inheritance,
  • the distribution of the order of potential heirs and
  • the scope of their legal rights.

At the same time, both lawyers specializing in inheritance cases and a lawyer in the field of inheritance law can represent the interests and rights of potential heirs.

Controversial inheritance cases require the immediate appeal to the services of a lawyer. So you can get the necessary information about the opening of the relevant case by a notary, clarify the amount of inheritance, find out about existing claims for inheritance from other persons. Not always all heirs receive information about the opening of the inheritance. Thus, it is possible to miss the deadlines for entering into inheritance rights. By contacting a lawyer as soon as possible, you can restore missed deadlines and enter into an inheritance.

The main questions that probate lawyers and lawyers in the field of probate law help to solve

  • Entry into inheritance
  • Inheritance on property
  • Mandatory share
  • Inheritance dispute
  • Renunciation of inheritance
  • Registration of inheritance
  • Recognition of the inheritance as invalid
  • Declaring heir unworthy